SCALEFarm families reached 130,400 202,600 310,000
SCALEFull-time staff 1,900 2,500 3,200
Impact% gain in income per acre planted ~52%* 50%+* 50%+*
ImpactAbsolute dollar impact per farmer $139 $135+ $135+
Sustainability% Field sustainability 73%* 77% 83%
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SCALE (families)

Each farm family counted received a loan for farm inputs, delivery, training, and post-harvest services.




SCALE (staff)

One Acre Fund provides high-quality, full-time employment in rural areas.

The vast majority of One Acre Fund’s staff are farmers. Through professional feedback and leadership development programs, our staff constantly advance their careers into meaningful management roles.



Impact (% gain)

Each season, we physically weigh harvests and compare the farm profits of a random set of One Acre Fund farmers to a random set of newly-enrolled farmers who have not yet planted with us (thus forming a highly similar control group).  % gain tells us how effective our model is at increasing agriculture profits per unit of land.

Historically our farmers achieved a 100%+ average gain, but in 2013, a maize virus in Kenya (our largest country) compelled us to diversify our offering towards less profitable crops, increasing our farmers' resilience, but reducing yields and profits per acre.  As this threat continues, we anticipate % gains lower than our historical average, but with a stronger safety net for our Kenyan farmers.

For considerably more detail, please visit our 2013 Performance Report.



IMPACT (Absolute dollar)

A second, equally important impact metric is absolute dollar impact per farmer.  This measures the amount of increased profit per year (above and beyond the profit earned by control farmers) that each One Acre Fund farmer achieves as a result of all products and services we offer (including our core products and “add-on,” non-agricultural products such as solar lights).

Unlike % gain, we anticipate absolute $ impact to remain stable at around $135, as we increase adoption of non-agricultural products and our farmers continue to plant more acres with a wider range of crops due to the increased credit we will extend.

For considerably more detail, please visit our 2013 Performance Report.



One Acre Fund field expenses include farm inputs and logistics, local field staff, in-country headquarters, and an “HQ charge” paid to our international headquarters.

Of these expenses, currently 77% is covered by revenues from our field programs. Any shortfall is covered by donor grants. Not included are our significant R&D expenses, which include new country scouting, product innovation, and service innovation. These costs are covered by donor grants.


Farmer Stories

*In 2013, a new maize virus emerged in Kenya, which causes near-total crop loss in affected fields. One Acre Fund quickly adjusted our operations to offer many alternative crops and protect our farmers, but this has led to a contraction in our impact (% gain in income per planted acre) and our financial sustainability through at least the end of 2014.