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Enrollment Opens for One Acre Fund Farmers in Kenya for 2017

Sep 28, 2016 Category: Core Program Tags: enrollment kenya

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One Acre Fund, a nonprofit agriculture organization that offers farming inputs and training on credit to smallholder farmers, today announced open enrollment for the 2017 long rain growing season in Kenya.

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Turning the Tables in Tanzania

Sep 16, 2016 Category: Farmer Profile Tags: farmer maize tanzania

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Kija Katemana hadn’t ever owned much. The 36-year-old single mother of four rented both her house and a small plot of land in rural Tanzania. The little income she earned from farming and selling baked samosas in town went entirely toward food and trying to pay her children’s school fees. Then in 2013 she heard about One Acre Fund and took a gamble and enrolled.  To view the full post, click here.

How This Village In Kenya Is Planning To Survive The Hunger Season

Sep 14, 2016 Category: Farmer Profile Tags: kenya one campaign smallholder

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Ironically, lack of food is a common struggle for farmers in western Kenya. The majority of farmers run out of food three to four months after harvesting, leading to a period of food insecurity that lasts until the next year’s harvest is mature. This period is commonly referred to as wanjala in Bukusu, the local dialect; it means “hunger season.” During this time, farmers and their families will rely on a cup of tea or porridge in place of a meal. To view the full post, click here.

From Bean’s to Bachelor’s Degrees in Burundi

Aug 16, 2016 Category: Farmer Profile Tags: burundi pulses

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She had little left to lose. Most years, smallholder farmer Pascaline Ntangyungwi would only harvest marginally more than the amount of seed she planted. Then, four years ago, she heard news that promised to change her agricultural practices and possibly more.

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5 Tips For Strengthening Your One Acre Fund Application

Aug 08, 2016 Category: Tags: recruitment

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In any given week, One Acre Fund’s recruitment team reviews anywhere between 500 and 1,000 job applications. To keep things moving, our team must often make decisions about these applications in a relatively short period of time. Here are some things applicants can do to help us make positive decisions on their applications. To view the full post, click here.

Andrew Youn’s TED Talk: 3 Reasons Why We Can Win The Fight Against Poverty

Jul 06, 2016 Category: News Roundup Tags: andrew youn video

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In early 2016, One Acre Fund co-founder and Executive Director Andrew Youn delivered a talk at the TED2016: Dream conference in Vancouver, Canada. In his talk, titled "3 Reasons Why We Can Win The Fight Against Poverty," Youn presented practical strategies to end extreme poverty– and made the case for putting farmers first in this fight. To view the full post, click here.

Why Growing Trees Makes Perfect Sense for Smallholder Farmers

Jun 27, 2016 Category: Core Program Farmer Profile Tags: grevillea kenya trees

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For many smallholder farmers, dedicating a portion of their valuable land to grow something inedible seems illogical. However, in western Kenya, the profits from just 10 six-year-old Grevillea trees can cover an entire term of a child’s high school tuition—and the trees rapidly increase in value each year after that.  To view the full post, click here.

Why Field Visits For Our Staff Are Crucial To Their Work

Jun 27, 2016 Category: Staff Profile Tags: kenya recruitment rwanda uganda

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At One Acre Fund, the majority of our team is based in rural East Africa; living and working in close proximity to the hardworking smallholder farmers we serve each day. However, not all staff can live in the field. Some need to be based in major cities, far away from our day-to-day work on the ground. How do we ensure that our non-field based staff stay connected to our mission? One Acre Fund recruiter Grace Twesigye sheds some light.  To view the full post, click here.

How young professionals — with kids — can build a career in international development

Jun 17, 2016 Category: Staff Profile Tags: family rwanda staff profiles

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After almost three years working in our U.S. office, Jake Goldberg and Jennie Calhoun have decided to move their young family back to East Africa, where they both first started working with One Acre Fund. Here, Jake and Jennie share how they got to where they are today, and why mid-career professionals with kids at home can still build long and happy careers in international development. To view the full post, click here.

Gates Foundation Scientist: Pulses are a Game-Changer

Jun 10, 2016 Category: Policy Research Tags: bill & melinda gates foundation iyp2016 pulses

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Before the advent of synthetic fertilizers in the early 20th century, pulses were the principal source of agricultural nitrogen for farmers. Today, pulses are still one of the main dietary staples for approximately two billion of the world’s poor, yet they receive a fraction of the investment that maize and other cereals receive. With the United Nations declaring 2016 the International Year of Pulses, our perception of pulses may be changing. Here, Dr. Jeff Ehlers of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation explains why these plants are a potential game-changer.

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