Who Should Apply?

We are fortunate to receive an extraordinary volume of applications for our open positions, and therefore, are only able to offer interviews to fewer than two percent of applicants. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds, and we especially encourage non-traditional candidates to apply. The initial application only takes a few moments.

We are particularly looking for:

  • Passion for poverty alleviation: Most of the world’s hungry people are farmers, and we work every day to find ways to make that activity more productive.  We’re looking for colleagues who also believe that this is an incredible opportunity to help millions earn their way out of poverty.
  • Entrepreneurial / leadership skills: We want team members who are predisposed to action. Successful applicants have often started a program in a developing nation, led a conference, initiated substantive projects in a fellowship program, etc.
  • Solid professional experience: While we hire at all levels of experience, even our “entry level” positions require a minimum of two years of solid professional or entrepreneurial experience, ideally in the developing world.
  • Humble approach to service: We feel fortunate to work with humble people that we genuinely like. If you feel the same way, join us!

The Application Process

We have a deliberately rigorous (and sometimes lengthy) interview process. We take time to find the best people to join our team, because they will determine our entire future as an organization. We think it's important for our candidates to take advantage of this process as well—learning about the organization, their future coworkers, and the role itself.

Our process starts with traditional interviews to get a sense of high-level thinking, and as you progress we also layer in exercises that simulate the types of projects you would be working on as One Acre Fund employee. 

The final step of the interview processes is always an in-person interview, at the office where the job would be located. This process includes a practical work exercise, which gives us a chance to try working together. More importantly, it gives you a chance to see the type of work you would be doing firsthand, to meet potential coworkers, and to understand what life and career at One Acre Fund looks like in a practical sense.

To learn more about our approach to the hiring process, please read this blog post from our Director of Global Recruitment.

Applying to One Acre Fund