Ruth is a hard-working farmer and mother of eight. Before joining One Acre Fund, Ruth’s harvests were consistently only a few small bags of maize each year. She was unable to grow enough to feed her children. To afford food, she would buy a bag of potatoes from her village, and travel to the nearest market to sell chips (French fries). With this small side business, she made a meager $5 a week to feed her family.

Ruth joined One Acre Fund in 2009. In her first planting season, she achieved an incredible harvest – yielding 10 bags of maize. This provided enough maize to feed her family for the entire year, with surplus leftover.

With the extra maize, Ruth paid the school fees for her eldest son Patrick to attend secondary school. Patrick is the first person in their family to go beyond grade school, and he has dreams of continuing on to university and then medical school. He is a devoted student, and has quickly risen to the top of his class.

Ruth is now in her third year with One Acre Fund. She continues to work hard, and is driven by her desire to help Patrick and her other children fulfill their dreams. “They have given me a challenge,” she says, "They want to learn.”

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