Medeatrice is a Rwandan farmer and a true entrepreneur. She and her husband Bonaventure joined One Acre Fund in 2009, with the dream of building a brighter future for their son Prince. Before joining, Medeatrice struggled to make farming a profitable business. Her yields were low, and she had difficulty accessing markets.

Her first harvest with One Acre Fund, she earned $225 USD, which she immediately invested into opening up a small shop. Her husband Bonaventure runs the shop, where they sell a wide selection of popular products, and bring in a monthly profit of $45 USD.

Medeatrice and Bonaventure have big dreams, and they see farming as the pathway to achieve those dreams. “I do my very best as a farmer,” Bonaventure says, “because it is my foundation. It is how I achieve everything else.”

Their greatest investment will be in the education of their son Prince. Medeatrice finished three years of secondary school, and Bonaventure completed primary school. However for Prince, the story will be different. Medeatrice is determined to see her son go to university, and live a healthy and full life. As she put it: “I plan to pay for his university, buy him land for the future, and even find him a wife!”

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