Cecilia is a young mother of two, and she has big dreams for the future. Before joining One Acre Fund, Cecilia struggled to provide for her family. The hardest time of the year was the “hunger season,” when the local cost of food would increase, and she could not afford to feed her two daughters.

In her first harvest season with One Acre Fund, Cecilia tripled her harvest – yielding nine bags of maize on ½ acre of land. With her new income, she rented an additional ½ acre of land for planting sugarcane.

In her second harvest, Cecilia invested her new profits into opening a small shop at the nearby market. Her husband manages the store, which brings in a stable source of monthly income. In addition, she placed half of her harvest in storage. She plans to sell a portion in the off-season, when she can get twice the selling price than if she sold directly after harvest.

Cecilia’s next goal is to build a three-bedroom home with a tin roof, and after that, she plans to purchase more land for farming. Cecilia has transformed life for her family through farming. “I have a vision of a new house, and a new life,” she says. “I now feel very powerful.”

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