One Acre Fund began in East Africa, and we currently serve farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. Please click on a highlighted country on the right to find out more.


Year of program launch: 2006 | Staff: 1,400 | Farmers served: 135,000

Kenya was our first country of operation, and serves as our first proof of concept. We will soon expand to cover all of Western and Nyanza Provinces, which are the primary food-producing regions and hold one third of Kenya’s 45 million people.

Kenya also serves as our global headquarters. One Acre Fund is proudly headquartered in a rural area of Kenya, near the Uganda border.


Year of program launch: 2007 | Staff: 1,200 | Farmers served: 106,000

Rwanda shows that our program can work in a different context to Kenya. Rwanda has smaller average land sizes, different crops, and two major growing cycles instead of one. Fundamentally though, One Acre Fund’s solution still works for Rwanda’s farmers. In four more years, One Acre Fund will grow to directly serve 10% of Rwanda’s population.


Year of program launch: 2012 | Staff: 345 | Farmers served: 28,000

Burundi launched in 2012 with approximately 6,000 farmers. We have seen overwhelming demand from farmers for our services, and are poised to grow quickly in the coming years.


Year of program launch: 2013 | Staff: 175 | Farmers served: 9,000

Tanzania is our newest program launch. In its first season, the program served more than 1,000 farmers and achieved a 99.9% repayment rate. We expect to grow exponentially in the coming seasons.

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